Best Gifts for Astrology Lovers in 2019

Do you need some thoughtful gift ideas for your astrology-loving friend? Here is a carefully curated a list of the best astrology gifts for 2019 that can stand alongside our top-notch astrology charts.  Whether your gift recipient is just a dabbler or downright obsessed, these are the crème de la crème of astrology wares that promise to delight your favorite astrology enthusiast.

Planetary Portraits Astrology Birth Chart


1. Personalized Astrology Birth Chart by Planetary Portraits

At number one on the uniqueness scale, Planetary Portraits gives astro fans the opportunity to put their own high-quality, stylish birth chart on display. Add a full horoscope report for a detailed analysis of his or her specific chart. Don't have the birth info? No problem, get a gift card and let them create their own.

Buy It: $39 at

Peace Organics Zodiac Gift Set

2. Zodiac Bath Set by Peace Organics

This bath set isn't only for the pleasure-loving Taurus. Each and every sign will enjoy this soothing gift from Peace Organics. What a delightful way to pamper mind, body and soul.

Buy It: $45 at Peace Organics

Gold Foil Constellation Notebook by Pluto Kaleidoscope

3. Gold Foil Constellation Notebook by PlutoKaleidoscope

This beautiful, handmade notebook is the perfect place to keep tabs on the latest planet transits, or to journal through each phase of the Zodiac. Choose from a variety of colors for the cover.

Buy It: $15 on Etsy

4. The Mixology of Astrology Cosmic Cocktail Recipe Book

Astrology makes for a great topic of conversation at a cocktail party, and cocktails make a great topic of conversation at an astrology party. This book by Aliza Kelly Faragher offers readers the best of both worlds.

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4. Zodiac Sign Wine Tumblers by Lala Confetti

"What's your sign" is a pickup line that won't be necessary with this Zodiac tumbler in hand. Lots of options to customize the perfect vessel for your spirits. Pairs nicely with the Cosmic Cocktail book above.

Buy It: $17 on Lala Confetti


5. Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh

A limited edition ultra-nourishing sugar lip balm from Fresh is a pocket-size ode to the celestial omens. Each zodiac sign gets its own special treatment, with a specialized tube and box.

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Zodiac Constellation Necklace by Choice by Choi

6. Zodiac Constellation Necklace by ChoicebyChoi

This intriguing necklace is an elegant eye-catcher. Available in gold and silver for all signs.

Buy It: $14 on Choice by Choi

7. Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia Book by Rob Brezsney

Rob Brezsney's unique and quirky horoscope columns always leave readers wanting more- and he offers it up in the poetic optimism of his book Pronoia. This work is a timeless fusion of art and literature from the mind of one of the greatest voices in astrology today.

Buy It: $22 on Amazon