About Our Birth Charts

What exactly is a birth chart?

* Birth charts, also called natal charts or birth horoscopes, map the positions of the planets and their relationships to one another at the moment of an individual's birth. For centuries astrologers have used these charts to analyze individual personality traits, desires, opportunities and challenges.

* Your birth chart is all about you- it's a blueprint of your soul and a map of your personality. It says everything about you through an ancient language of symbols. 

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About a Planetary Portraits birth chart

* Your Planetary Portrait is your birth chart set in a beautiful, modern design. You simply won't find a birth chart anywhere else with this high-level combination of style, quality and professional precision.

* Premium printed charts arrive on heavyweight, fine art paper with a smooth matte finish and rich, deep colors. Choose the size and color scheme of your choice. To see chart calculation and display specifics click here.

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