Professional Astrological Reading
Professional Astrological Reading

Professional Astrological Reading

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1-hour introductory chart reading with a professional astrologer at an exclusive rate available only through

During your introductory session professional astrologer Drake Baer will detail the most important themes of your birth chart, identifying unique patterns, opportunities and difficulties that have resurfaced cyclically during your life, and suggest ways to move forward based on your chart. 

Whether you are an astrology enthusiast or a dabbler, this session promises a unique journey of self-exploration and personal insight. Even skeptical clients are often astonished what a one-hour reading can reveal about their personality, optimal vocation, and relationships — as well as their sexual and relational patterns, relationship to money, and material and spiritual orientations.

Your initial reading will last approximately one hour and will include suggestions for further self-education about astrology geared to the most important aspects of your chart.

About Drake

Drake Baer Astrologer

Based in Princeton, NJ, Drake grew up with astrology and has studied Vedic, Hellenic, Medieval, Renaissance, and Jungian-influenced astrology with mentors including Robert Hand, Hank Friedman and Robert Wilkinson. 

During his long career he has helped hundreds of clients from a wide range of backgrounds including academics, artists, and entrepreneurs: the curious, the self-aware and the creatively-minded. Many clients find a single reading to be sufficient for their needs; others have seasonal or annual readings; and some see Drake on a regular basis.

Using an approach known as astrotherapy, also called clinical astrology, Drake emphasizes precision chart interpretation and nuanced psychological insight to help clients form a clear understanding of their unique journey: the meaning of the past, the opportunities and challenges of the present, and the optimal timing of future movement in relationships, career and personal development. 

Most of his work is conducted remotely via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, and he has an office in Princeton for in-person sessions.